July 31 – Smith Rock


We had rain showers all through the night. It seemed that every time I got close to consciousness I heard rain on the tent fly. When the alarm went off I still heard rain falling on the fly. So I turned off the alarm and rolled over for a bit. The curse of being older kicked in and I had to get up and pee. I got out of the tent and saw that despite hearing rain all night everything was mostly dry. As everyone that tent camps knows…rain always sounds worse in the tent. I woke up Hannah and got her moving. It was climbing time.

We walked up to the Monument Base Area wall for the morning. It was a crag that our guide, Miles, recommended yesterday. We were the first people there which was nice since it was Saturday. The other bonus for being the first climbers there is that we got to claim booty on our first route. Which means, the last person to climb the route left gear on the route. The rules for climbing gear left on routes is, you leave it you lost it. We got a nice quick draw off the route. Because it was overcast and threatening more rain the temperatures were really nice too. We climbed there until late morning.

Our park pass was good through 1pm and we had housekeeping stuff to do, that’s why we called it early for climbing. We really needed to do laundry so that was at the top of our list. We also had to decide our plans for our last week on the road. So we looked at weather in Idaho, Wyoming & Utah and driving times to figure it out. All of the climbing areas between us and home that we are looking at are getting rained on through the weekend, which is a bummer. The decision is that we are headed to City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho. The climbing there looks really fun and is about half way in between Smith and home. We are pushing out a day to let the rain blow through. So we are staying where we are for another night. We’ll drive to Boise tomorrow then City of Rocks on Monday. I’m hoping we’ll be able to climb the rest of the week until we are ready to make the drive back to Denver.


The rain last night sounded really nice on the tent. Every time I woke up the rain sent me straight back to sleep. Dad said something about it being dry and going climbing. So that’s what we did! We went to Monument Wall and did some fun routes. It was pretty cloudy out which was nice but holy cow it was humid. We had the wall to ourselves for a little bit which was neat. Miles, our guide from yesterday, showed up doing another guiding thingy. We chatted while climbing. It started sprinkling but not enough to make us leave. I had just cleaned a route and was going to put draws away and there was a little lizard dude just hanging out on my harness! No clue how long he was there or where he came from but I grabbed him and set him on a bush. We were done climbing for the morning and we had stuff to do so we packed up and headed for Redmond to do laundry. One of my flip flops broke which sucks but I’ve had them for about 2 years, I’m surprised they lasted that long. We decided to stay another night here and drive for Boise tomorrow. We’re gonna watch a movie tonight!

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