August 1 – Travel Day


Today was a travel day for us. We’re headed for City of Rocks in Idaho. Today we stopped in Boise and we’re going to go the rest of the way tomorrow. We packed up the car and Dad made hot tea because it was pretty chilly out this morning. Dad took first shift driving and I took first nap! Dad has an audiobook downloaded and we listened to that most of the morning. We passed a little cafe that he and Noah had stayed at during their tour. Unfortunately they were closed but Dad made sure to get a photo. We were traveling on the same road they did, just in the opposite direction, and Dad pointed out a bunch of stuff from his and Noah’s trip. We stopped at the Oasis Cafe and Motel and RV Park, another place they had stayed. Dad decided it was time for brunch so we stopped and got some delicious delicious pancakes. I took next driving shift and at some point we crossed over into Mountain Time. We made it to Boise and went to Costco and REI to run a few quick errands. We decided to just head for the hotel and hang out there. We found dinner at this giant grocery store nearby and then went directly to the hotel hot tub. It was niceeeee. Tomorrow is going to be some more driving to get to City of Rocks but hopefully we’ll be able to get some climbing done in the afternoon!


We woke up to cool air and no one around this morning. We camped back in the trees on a BLM road last night. It was really nice this morning to wake up to clean cool air that smelled like desert sage. Since it was cool out and we didn’t have anything to do but drive to Boise I made hot tea and hot milk for granola. It’s the little things right?

The drive between Bend and Boise was mostly on highway 20. This was the same stretch of road that Noah and I took on our cross country tour 4 years ago. It was super cool to drive back through the area. It was also interesting that what took us a couple hours took Noah and I a whole week. It was fun to get to show Hannah a couple of places where some of our often repeated stories came from. Stopping at the Oasis for food was super cool as well. They are definitely a little farmer’s/rancher’s restaurant. The first thing on the breakfast menu is steak and eggs. The second is chicken fried steak.

We got to Boise and ran some errands. We forgot about the time change so it was after 4 when we finished with errands so we didn’t really have any time to go see things in Boise since it was closing time. So we went to the hotel. We got to watch some of the Olympics which was really cool. And….Hot tub. 🙂

Tomorrow we head for City of Rocks. Don’t expect to hear daily accounts from there. It’s out there in the sticks.

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