August 3 – Climbing!


Yay climbing! Dad made tea this morning which was really nice. Our first climbs were at Bread Loaf rock, a solid 2 minute drive and walk away from camp. It’s very different from the approaches at Smith. We did 2 routes and decided we should go secure our camp for the next few days. At the visitor’s center we got our campsite, stickers and had some lunch in the shade. There was a yellow caterpillar wandering around and it was fun to watch. We headed for the Drilling Area formation next. After a few climbs in the sun there we were a tad too hot to keep climbing. Back at camp we both sat with our books for a while. The rock right next to our camp has a 5.10 that we wanted to toprope. Dad climbed up the 5.3 from yesterday and set the rope. I think I lost about 9 layers of skin off my hands after that climb. We had blueberry pancakes for dinner and went down to the visitor’s center to call home. The center has open wi-fi so we can post stuff!


City of Rocks is super cool!!! We needed to get our campsite paid for, but there were a couple of climbs right around the corner from us that needed climbing first. 🙂 We had our pick of routes when we first got there. Another couple of guys showed up as we were almost done with our first route. They got on the route we were going to do next. So instead we moved onto a 5.10. Hannah got on it and lead the route and did an amazing job. It was a really good route and we had a lot of fun.

After taking care of our camping spot and eating lunch we headed back up to do some more climbing. The routes we did this afternoon were really long. Both of them were around 110 feet. It’s really fun to climb something that long but can be an issue when the rope is 210 feet long and we get lowered off the top. Fortunately, the bottom of these climbs is a long slab so when the belayer reaches the end of the rope they just walk up to meet the climber. It’s low enough grade that we both can just walk down. The climbing was super fun and we had a great time there!

After a break in the shade we top roped the rock that is right by camp. The book says 5.10 for the top rope. Hannah worked it and worked it, her height was working against her some. It was a really hard route for her. Finally she gave up and I got a turn. I had a hard time at it too. The hardest part was right at the top and was slightly overhung. I managed to get up it, but it wasn’t pretty. I would guess it it more 5.11 range. Fun though!

After dinner we headed down to the visitor center to get some wifi to call home and post the blog. Sounds like we get to take I80 home since no one knows how long it will take to open up Glenwood Canyon. yay. ( <– Sarcasm )

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