August 6 – Salt Lake to Denver


4,427 miles of driving this trip
1,383 miles of Bicycling
13 days of Rock Climbing

Today was a LONG day of driving. We did goof off a bit in Salt Lake this morning. We drove around the University of Utah some so Hannah could see where her brother is going to go to school. After that we pointed the van east on I80 and set the cruise control.

It was a fairly non-remarkable drive. Hannah napped in the morning. I listened to podcasts. Hannah drove for a while and we listened to all kinds of stuff. We stopped in Rock Springs for lunch. Neither of us wanted fast food so we ended up with second breakfast at Village Inn. After that, if you can believe this, it was super windy in Wyoming so I drove some more.

We switched drivers one last time in Cheyenne. Hannah drove ALL the way home from there. Which was super impressive because:
A. Friday rush hour along the front range. Means gross traffic from the Colorado border all the way to Pueblo.
B. Construction Season on I25
C. Accidents because of A & B

I was super proud of her for navigating that. Seeing how she wouldn’t drive on any highways in Denver, much less during rush hour just before we left on this trip.

We got home and spent quite a while giving hugs and petting cats. We got very few things out of the van. Ate some dinner and went to sleep in our own beds! Tomorrow we’ll deal with unpacking the van, returning it to normal and putting away all of our gear.


oh boy do i love I25. it’s my absolute favourite road ever.
we did a mini-tour of the U so I could see where Noah was going to be before we headed for home. It wasn’t anything interesting, just lots of driving. I took a nap while Dad was driving. Dad has a bunch of the dirtbag diaries podcasts downloaded and we listened to those most of the day. We stopped for lunch at Village Inn and it was delicious. At cheyenne i hopped in the drivers seat again and drove home. On I25 you are either going 80 in a 55 zone or 20 in construction. So that’s what we did! So fun! Stopped at costco to fill gas and bam! we were home 🙂 Lots and lots of hugs were given.

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