Hannah’s Final Thoughts

I’m supposed to write a sort of review of the summer but I’ll be honest I have no clue where to even start with it. uh 10/10 would do it again

My favourite part was climbing at Smith and City of Rocks. Going from really never have climbed outside to only outdoor sport climbing was a tad weird but i really loved it. Doing a multi-pitch at Smith was absolutly amazing. I’d like to think this summer has made me a bit more aware of stuff. I don’t have the words for it right now but I feel like more connected. To nature, myself and Dad. Which I mean, you’re stuck with someone for 2 1/2 months you just have to learn about them.

I met lots of cool animals 🙂 Lots of awesome cats and dogs as well as lizards and others. The frog in my shower at Smith was cool, he was a pain to get out of the bathroom tho.

Lots of cool people too. I liked all of our WarmShowers hosts, its such an amazing community and I’m glad I could be apart of it for a bit. Hearing everyone’s stories and adventures was really neat.

One thought on “Hannah’s Final Thoughts

  1. I’m so amazed, and jealous, and proud of all you did this summer – but I feel that way about you most of the time anyway you just hit it out of the park this summer. Love you! Laurie


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