The Log

Jack’s Final Thoughts

We’ve been back in town for a few weeks. We have been catching up with friends and family. Everything is put away and the van is returned to it’s normal daily setup. Hannah begrudgingly went back to school. I’ve started back to coaching the FRC team and started back to work. We are also gotContinue reading “Jack’s Final Thoughts”

August 3 – Climbing!

HANNAH Yay climbing! Dad made tea this morning which was really nice. Our first climbs were at Bread Loaf rock, a solid 2 minute drive and walk away from camp. It’s very different from the approaches at Smith. We did 2 routes and decided we should go secure our camp for the next few days.Continue reading “August 3 – Climbing!”

August 2 – City of Rocks!

JACK We got breakfast at the hotel and they had pancakes!  🙂  They had a cool auto-magical pancake machine.  You waved your hand in front of a motion sensor.  It would beep at you when it recognized the motion and then batter would pour out on a conveyor belt thing that cooked the pancake andContinue reading “August 2 – City of Rocks!”


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