August 2 – City of Rocks!


We got breakfast at the hotel and they had pancakes!  🙂  They had a cool auto-magical pancake machine.  You waved your hand in front of a motion sensor.  It would beep at you when it recognized the motion and then batter would pour out on a conveyor belt thing that cooked the pancake and dropped it out the other side when it was done.  Every time it recognized the hand movement it would start another pancake if the last was out of the way.  It was pretty cool!

We ran some errands before leaving town, making a grocery run and a stop at Target to get flip flops for Hannah.  After that it was more windshield time on I84.  We did stop briefly in Mt. Home so I could show Hannah where I lived at one point when I was a very small person.  Mt. Home was the last Air Force base that Dad was stationed at.  I really don’t remember much, but it was fun to drive by one of the houses we  lived in there and tell Hannah about what I could remember.

We got to City of Rocks and got a really cool campsite.  It’s right beside a rock that has around 15 routes on it.  Nothing bolted, but there is a top rope that I can get to because there’s a 5.3 up one corner of the rock. So maybe we’ll hang a rope on that one of these evenings and play on it.  We’ve been reading through the guidebook and making a list of  climbs to possibly do.  Among them are several multi-pitch moderates that are bolted.  WOOT!

This area is absolutely beautiful. I’m super excited to be spending some time here!


Mmmmmmm real bed. Dad let me sleep in this morning which was nice. We got breakfast and some tea for the road from the hotel. I really liked the hotel, not just because of the beds, it was just a neat place. Very modern yet homey(?) at the same time. We did a grocery run before heading out of town. We passed through Mountain Home and found one of Dad’s old houses. There was a nearby park that had a F-111 fighter jet. We stopped to get some photos. Most of the driving was just desert Idaho, so nothing very exciting. We made it to City of Rocks and stopped at the visitor’s center. We found a campsite and I set up the tent so I could take a nap. I’m not sure why but I was just really tired. We just hung around camp and made some dinner. We’re camped right next to a big rock that has some neat routes on it. We didn’t do any today but maybe soon.

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