August 4 – City of Rocks – Multi Pitch Day

Theater of Shadows – 5.4 – 4 pitches
DaBoyz – 5.7
Wind Dance – 5.7


We started the morning with some granola and plans to conquer Theater of Shadows, a multi-pitch route. After 1 false start, I thought I tossed my hiking shoes in the van…I didn’t, we were headed up the trail. We got set up at the base of the route and let another pair pass us before we started climbing. It was a super neat climb. Dad lead two pitches and I lead 2. It got super windy up near the top and even shouting we couldn’t hear each other. The view was just spectacular. After a quick rappel off the top we picked our way down the gully we rappelled into and back to the car.  It was 2ish and we decided to drive down to the visitor’s center for lunch. We got a table in the shade which was awesome. There’s a general store in town that has just about everything. There’s produce, snacks, restrooms, showers, but most importantly Ice Cream!!! So we wandered over and got some ice cream to celebrate our successful first multi-pitch climb (on our own at least) Back at camp we just hung out in the shade and read. Before dinner we went back to Bread Loaves to do two 5.7’s we weren’t able to do yesterday. They were both super fun! Dad made potato curry for dinner and ohhhhhh it’s so good. If my stomach had the ability to never be full I think I’d just eat it for days. And now it’s sleepy time because we’re gonna get moving tomorrow morning to go to Castle Rocks.


MULTI-PITCH CLIMBING DAY!!!!!  It’s all cool to go out and pull down on some super hard route.  But if I get to choose between that and getting out to climb some moderate multi-pitch then I’ll pick the latter.  We tried to get the route done while it was all still in the shadow of it’s big brother right next to it.  But it wasn’t in the cards today. The climbing was really nice.  The rock itself is older than most of the rock that we have been climbing.  So it was kinder to the hands.  But it was basically giant dome climbing where you have to pay a lot of attention to your feet because there are no hands.  Every once and a while a chicken head would poke up out of the rock and give you something to hold onto.  It was low enough angle that the lack of hand holds didn’t matter too much.  I took the first pitch and we successfully swung leads for the entire climb which was really cool.  Hannah did an amazing job with the adversity of dealing with wind, not being able to see each other and figuring out a new route.  Rapping off the top was a bit stressful as well.  Neither of us really like rapping, but we talked through each step as we did it and made it as safe as possible.  It was a great first experience of multi-pitch climbing on our own!

The rest of the day was pretty laid back.  We rested through the hottest part of the day and made an ice cream run since we had not done so in Almo yet.  We found out after we got ice cream that the store also has an ice cream freezer hiding in the back.  So we’re going to have to go back to get some more.  🙂

We decided since this is our last day of climbing in City of Rocks to knock off a couple easy climbs that are super close to camp.  They were also in the shade which made it even nicer.  They were super fun and really finished off our day nicely. 

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