August 5 – Climbing at Castle Rock


Today is our last day of climbing, for that matter it is our last day of playing for the summer trip. We decided last night that today is our last day of adventure. We are headed for home now!

We headed for Castle Rock State Park this morning to see what the climbing is like there. The area we wanted to climb is called Hostess Gully. There is a lot of moderate sport climbing on the wall. Most importantly is it is in the shade all morning! We didn’t realize that most of the routes were multi-pitch routes and to get down we would have to rappel down the route. We were both pretty worn out from the week so we weren’t sure that we were up for that, A couple routes had a short enough first pitch that we decided to do them.

The climbing was super fun and almost immediately after getting off the ground we forgot we were tired and had a great time climbing. We still stuck with the beginning pitch of the climbs, but they were great climbs! We had a great time and it was an awesome end of the time at City of Rocks / Castle Rocks. As we finished up the sun hit the wall, so our timing was pretty good for the day.

We got to meet one of the locals that developed a lot of the City and Castle area today. When we first got there he and a climbing partner were starting up Fruit Pie. They finished right as we did as well. While we were chatting he mentioned a few things about City of Rocks and developing routes there. Turns out we were chatting with Brad Shilling. It was pretty cool to meet him and hear some personal history.

After climbing we headed into Almo. We got lunch at the school that is being turned into a community center and library. Then we went across the street to the general store and took showers, because we were both in dire need of one. We got some delicious milk shakes while we were there and then pointed the van towards Salt Lake City. We are staying with my nephew, Josh, tonight and will finish our drive home tomorrow.


Final day of climbing! We headed for Castle Rock and made our way to Hostess Gully. We decided to not do any multi-pitch today so we found a few routes where the first pitch was short enough to lower off of. Dad and I were both pretty tired so we climbed til noon-ish and headed back towards Almo. We got burgers at the school/community center and took showers at the general store. It’s amazing and disgusting how much dirt builds up over a few days. We got milkshakes for the road and drove towards Salt Lake. We got in and went out to dinner with Josh. One of his housemates has a cat named Ginger who kinda looks like Leia. We’re going to make the drive back to home tomorrow so we’ll be back 2 days earlier than originally planned but that’s ok 🙂

One thought on “August 5 – Climbing at Castle Rock

  1. YAY! For coming Home! Miss you guys! Jack got your postcard today when I picked up the mail after being in Tincup the last week. LOL!


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